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I have posted here because I assume that asking about some features of this  
forum is "General Free Software Talk"

For quite a long time I have been reading from (and sometimes writing on ) a  
phpBB forum.

That means I could edit all of my posts at any time. Even years after I had  
originally written them. The editions that were done approximately within the  
first 15/20 minutes left no traces. In those that were done after, the system  
appended on that post the date and time it had been edited and the number of  
times it had been edited before that. (I don't remember  having ever been  
limited in the number of my editions).
In this forum things seem different some of my previous post seem editable  
and others not. Unfortunately I haven't yet understood when I will be able to  
edit my posts and when not.
Can somebody please help to understand this ?

Secondly, I have seen that in Trisquel's forum, on the left side of some  
posts, columns of small gray circles sometimes appear. This didn't occur at  
all in the forums with which I was most familiar. These columns some times  
increase in number and other times they decrease and even disappear. I  
believe that  the thread from where the capture of posts #64 and #65 were  
taken  and I'm using as an illustration could also be used as an example for  
explaining how this system of gray circles works. I suspect it has something  
to do with the number of answers a thread has but I don't understand why they  
sometimes diminish and others they completely disappear.
Can somebody please help me to understand this too ?

Thank you for your time !

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