[Freedom-misc] is there a creative commons license, that is free culture that fits the below bill:

christian at priest.com christian at priest.com
Thu Jul 26 04:18:59 CEST 2018

My understanding is that Lessig's book is at least in part responsible for  
kicking off the free culture movement, but that movement has evolved a little  
differently from what he envisions.  Lessig's personal idea of the free  
culture movement is consistent with the NC clause, and he coined the term in  
the first place so it's not horribly unreasonable for him to use the term a  
little differently from the current norm.
I don't think his arguments in favor of NC really hold water, but I think  
calling him a hypocrite is going a bit far.  He's a smart guy, and I  
appreciate the work he's done towards the movement, regardless of  
disagreements on details.

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