[Freedom-misc] Photogrammetry Software

pierrefalek at laposte.net pierrefalek at laposte.net
Wed Jul 25 05:38:43 CEST 2018


I did experiment this with Blender for a little object for printing it in 3d,  
but it was quite hard to do.

Here is a serie of videos of the method you use in Blender to do this.

But if you intend to do this with a serie of different photos you shot, this  
can be a nigthmare.

The problem will always be the distortion of the different pictures.

In the videos I linked, you'll see that all the pictures are not distorted  
because it is planned.

Blender or not Blender, the problem will always be the photos.

Ideally, make a plan that can turn on 180°, put your object on it and take  
pictures while you turn your object without moving your camera.

And think about how Matrix was done.


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