[Freedom-misc] Choosing between a D16 workstation and Talos II lite

jason at bluehome.net jason at bluehome.net
Sat Jul 14 16:01:39 CEST 2018

Right; this seems to be the stance taken by the Debian Project too. Which is  
exactly the same thing I was just saying. You seem to have missed my point  

My understanding of why people object to Pocket isn't about the add-on itself  
but the server software being proprietary. They'd rather be using a free  
program on their computer that interacts with a free program on the server  
too. This goes back to why I said "not really", which you disagreed with by  
saying "yes it would." The server part being proprietary doesn't go against  
Debian's rules. If you disagree with please point to what part of the DFSG  
would be violated.

The difference seems to be that not everyone in this thread is judging things  
by Debian's rules: They have their own. And they don't like Pocket because of  
the proprietary server component. Maybe you care about that too. Maybe not.  
Whether you care about the matter or not is not really relevant though  
because the point is that others care about it *regardless* of whether you do  
or not. :) They are talking about it and sharing their own personal  
objections to Pocket. Even go so far as to call a free program that can't  
work ***at all*** without its non-libre component (the server side it talks  
to) to be non-libre. Maybe you agree. Maybe not. But, as I said, whether you  
agree or not isn't really important. It can be helpful to try to understand  
the arguments being made by others, even if you disagree with them. I don't  
know that we can call them to be wrong; it's their own standards and value  
judgments here about what is important to them. And hopefully you can  
understand why people do not like Pocket, regardless of how you feel on the  

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