[Freedom-misc] Choosing between a D16 workstation and Talos II lite

svhaab at gmail.com svhaab at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 21:24:33 CEST 2018

 > Libreboot faq mentioned ec firmware being non-free

I had not noticed. How important is this matter if it does
not stop a computer from getting fsf's ryf certification?

 > My priorities are different then yours and probably theirs

Instead you should focus on the questioner's

 > Although, when it comes to how free they are, this one thing, the libreboot  
devices are less free then eoma68, other than that, you are correct.

I disagree.

 > Debian is non-free IF, it has the non-free repo/contrib repo

First you wrote
'But if you do this, disable all non-free & contrib repos'
What you wrote is misleading. If you install debian and want
a libre software system you do not have to do anything. Non free
software is not part of the system. And you will not get
any non libre software on the system before you decide to
include non libre repositories on the system.

 > if pocket is enabled on debian

I ask you to show documentation for this claim.
These are debian's requirements to debian main.
Regarding debian main it says
'Anyone may use, share, modify and redistribute the packages in this archive  
area freely'.
You say the pocket software is non libre software. That would
contravene debian main's own rules. Not likely.
You are doing debian a disservice spreading incorrect pieces of information.

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