[Freedom-misc] Choosing between a D16 workstation and Talos II lite

svhaab at gmail.com svhaab at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 10:47:54 CEST 2018

 > hijacked

No, it has not. Correcting inaccuracies and adding important pieces of  
information is
not hijacking.
If someone having little knowledge about libre software computers asks a  
on this forum, he should expect to get valid and correct pieces of  

 > Here is the thing, the eoma68 standard will likely have faster ones in the  

The questioner wants to buy now.

 > I don't know much about talos computers yet.

Then tell the questioner you are not well informed.

 > PPC, computers are a heavy use of electricity/desktop

Questioner has not made low power use a priority. Do you know for a fact
that ppcs are worse on power consumption than comparable computers?

 > libreboot devices are hardly to be compared to eoma68 libre laptop.

I did not compare libreboot devices to the pc card. I assume the slowest
libre boot computer is faster than the pc card.

 > librebooted device which has non-free EC firmware

You have to show documentation. Which part of the software on a libre booted  
fsf ryf certified computer is non libre?

 >  eoma68

It is being disloyal to a questioner if you do not mention the pc card's
arm cpu's performance is not comparable to a x86 cpu and the arm cpu
will likely not match most users requirements for an everyday computer. Also
it is being disloyal not telling the questioner the pc card has been
heavily delayed and we do not know if it will get manufactured at

 > meltdown and spectre and who knows how many problems are hidden in intel  

You know there are no similar problems about the pc card's cpu?

 > And then there is Risc-V which will blow everything out of the water

It might and it might not. At least it is irrelevant for a questioner who  
to buy a computer now.

 > debian** ** Almost Free

If you install from a debian iso you get a libre software system confer fsf's
requirements. Which part of a new installed debian system is non libre

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