[Freedom-misc] Choosing between a D16 workstation and Talos II lite

calmstorm at posteo.de calmstorm at posteo.de
Sun Jul 1 00:58:41 CEST 2018

"Sure the pc card is the same thing as a talos 2 lite mainboard. Same  
Except the pc card is slower than a phone. People probably
know how foolish it is to put a pc card and a talos mainboard is the same
group of hardware."

I never said they were the same kind of hardware. I only said they are  
probably equally libre.

"You find the pc card great and let it influence the advice you give other
people. Why don't you suggest some of the faster arm mainboards which
are equally good about libre software?"

Here is the thing, the eoma68 standard will likely have faster ones in the  
future for use with the libre laptop.  upgradability aka.

And it has full wifi support with a usb dongle which goes INTERNALLY into the  
card. I put emphasis on internally because it is less likely to get knocked  
out by accident.

"In terms of what is most in favor of libre software, talos computers
are better. Libreboot and arm computers are libre software
despite the manufacturer. Ppc computers are libre software because
of the manufacturer."

Okay, its possible, I don't know much about talos computers yet.  PPC,  
computers are a heavy use of electricity/desktop only type system.

PS, libreboot devices are hardly to be compared to eoma68 libre laptop.   
eoma68 is made to be far more libre then a librebooted device which has  
non-free EC firmware and possibly other unknowns... not sure about them all  

Still, Luke plans to freely source all the software code he uses and the  
hardware code that he uses too.  The only thing not included in the hardware  
for use with software, is the mali.  which will not be loaded at all due to  
Luke's standards as a libre designer.

So your half right, but meltdown and spectre and who knows how many problems  
are hidden in intel processors.

I use an x200 libreboot right now. But I am hoping for this to be even better  
in the future.

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