[Freedom-misc] No JS? No books, no bread.

Caleb Herbert csh at bluehome.net
Thu Jul 26 19:27:06 CEST 2018

Sefaria is the standard site for referencing and sharing Jewish texts
online.  It is not usable with JavaScript disabled.

I can view texts, but I can't search or browse through the archive, or
change the language.

And when I went to order bread, I called the company and they told me
they absolutely refuse to accept checks, or even credit card/routing
information, thru the mail.  They demand I use the web store or fly to
the bakery myself.

I tried using the web store.  I got stuck at this screen when I tried
ordering some loaves:

I left this message for them:

When I click SEND YOUR MESSAGE, it redirects to the home page and gives
me no indication that my message was sent.

I encourage others to talk to them about this issue, especially if you
live in the area.

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